St Annes Preparatory School

Join us in the reconstruction and restart of St Annes Preparatory School in Kampara, Uganda. A school open to all students with different religious beliefs, backgrounds, cultures and nationalities..


Saint Anne's school was founded in 1981 by the late Mark & Jessica Nyombi (rip).as a pre-school. A few years later the school's governing body expanded with partnerships of people like Rev. Mark Kingsley Juuko to become a full primary school. For over 20 years the school was among the leading schools in Uganda until later after the death of some its founding and governing board. This led to financial constraints and consequently the school deteriorated.

Rebuilding plans and structure

The school is an independent institution which owns the land where it is seated and has a new board of governors. The board consists members from Sweden and from Uganda. The board of governors serves in the best interest of the school and members do not take any payments for their service. These are responsible for the administration and planning of the school. Bengt Ivansson, a member of the board of Governors from Sweden working together with Paul Juuko a former student of the school living in Sweden are spearheading the re-building process of the school. The general renovation and re-building process is done also on close association with the board members who are on ground in Uganda.

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