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A journey of a thousand miles

Update on Renovations Progress

It has been a while since we updated you (our friends) on the progress that we have made so far. We would like to share with you our joy thus far and the success we have had since we got started.

All our classrooms are now renovated creating a clean and conducive environment for the children and teachers.

Water is Life

We also managed to setup a water system that harvests rain water. This will provide clean potable water for drinking and use in the school.

The School is Secured

The entire school area is well secured with newly installed gated  making it safe for the children and the entire school fraternity.


A new playground has been put up for the smaller children, and a football field for the older kids will be setup hopefully this year 2019.

Every Friday we will be celebrating a great week with popcorn 🙂 You too can join us whenever you are around 🙂 For more information and update, please follow and like our page on Facebook

The Journey Continues..

A lot of progress and work has been put in and the journey continues. Our goal is towards making St. Annes School even better for the children and society.


Next Steps

Now that we have finished renovating the classrooms we hope to have them installed with electricity to ensure that children have enough time to study in the evening.

We also plan on setting up a football field for the older children to play this year 2019.

We would like to thank you for holding our hands in making this project a success whenever we called on you. We still invite you to continue supporting us by signing up here Apply. Our vision is to be able to transform the school and provide the best possible environment for learning.

The entire fraternity of St Anne School are grateful to God for the amazing journey and support thus far. We appreciate your support either by Prayers, Finances and Words of encouragement. We would not have achieved this success without you. Thank you.

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