About us

The school is a private school with a Christian foundation giving a formal education according to the Education institutions rules and regulations in Uganda. The school is open to all students with different religious beliefs, backgrounds, cultures and nationalities.

Pre-school and primary school

It is a pre-school as well as a primary school with Three pre-school classes (Baby class, middle class & top class). This is compulsory for all students before they join the primary school section. The age for pre school is children between ages 3-6 years.
The primary school section consist 7 classes and takes students who have completed pre-school from age 6 to 13 years.
The school holds an average number of 50 students currently however after renovation the number is expected to grow to 300 students

Subjects offered

The subjects taught at the school include Mathematics, English, Science, Social studies. These are the compulsory subjects according to the law in Uganda.
Other subjects are optional and students can choose to take them or not to. These include Computer studies, Music dance and drama (MDD).
The school also offers leisure activities as movies, sports (football, netball, swimming..etc), board games (scrabble, chess,draft), story telling, reading among other leisure activities.

Our values

The school has a Christian foundation but is open to students from all religious backgrounds. The school is a morally upright institution which holds strong disciplinary values for both stuff and students.
The welfare of our students is our first priority and we work together with parents to make sure that children’s rights are well observed and protected both when the students are at school and out of school.
We value a high quality education that would make our students ready and fit for a beautiful bright future.

The school respects gender equality between boys and girl students as well as male and female stuff and board members. All have same and equal rights in all matters regarding the daily running of the institution and all are subject to the same rules and regulations.

Our school fees

The school fee charges after renovation will be published later. All fees are payable through the bank and or cash at the school premises.

Our charity work

We offer help to students registered as ‘Special cases’ who are orphans and cannot meet the school fees requirements for the school. There is a special fund set aside for such students to get sponsorship from any willing partners/sponsors. Such students receive subsidies in the form of exemption from part or whole of school fees. NB: This is only to be done after these students have proven beyond any doubt that they are in this condition and that they have no other means of support regarding school fees payment.

Books of accounts

Our books of accounts are handled by trusted and well trained personnel and are subject to auditing by independent auditing firms.

The books of accounts are also open to our donors periodically in a year or as deemed necessary in financial reports and at fund raising gatherings.

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Contact us

Please contact us if you have an interest in supporting this project.

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